Architectural design consultancy:

Adicio provides a full array of services in the architectural spectrum. From advisory and consultancy of well-detailed and functional designs to post practical completion, we are constantly on the quest to interpret a client’s visions for their space. With safety and sustainability as an anchor, we push the boundaries of designs to deliver projects with high-quality craftsmanship that are life-changing.
• Primary Stages: design advisory and consultation, surveys, conceptual design.
• Secondary Stages: planning, working drawings, land permission, regulatory liaison and permits, construction support
• Final Stages: project management, contract administration, project delivery, aftercare, and support.


Structural Engineers

The Adicio construction network is one of the leading bespoke construction and project management companies in Lagos. we pride ourselves in the delivery of impeccable construction with the adoption of the highest level of industry standards, attention to details specification to deliver safe, sustainable, and innovative construction with in-depth attention to detail, program, cost management with a commitment to pristine levels of finish.

We have a high-level capacity to deliver projects sustainably and efficiently at a rapid speed and within budget. Our engineering specialists bring seasoned experience in all phases of construction. from civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire and safety engineering, we provide fit and innovative solutions to complex design and construction challenges. Our goal is to ensure that each structure sustainable delivered to maintain the integrity of your investments

Adicio also offers turnkey development and project management services. : Because Process coordination is essential to the successful realization of a given initiative, Adicio is available to provided turnkey development and project management services in full and/or advisory capacities on any given project. Our goal is to ensure that project delivery is excellent operational and delivery efficiencies within defined contract parameters of cost, time, and quality.


At every phase of your process, we understand the needs and requirements that may follow. With detailed analysis and evaluation, we offer assistance in sourcing the best good and services that will suit your arrangement. Our goal is to ensure that you get a top-quality offer within your budget with an economical delivery to your final destination in an all-encompassing cost reduction program. We have developed partnerships with OEMs, a relationship that would be beneficial to achieving your goals.

This is Adicio, a fast-rising indigenous, unconventional architectural design, and construction company offering diverse services through globally standardized practices.